Danielle Berry

Environmental Policy & Management student, Danielle

Born and raised in the southern San Joaquin Valley, Danielle Berry spent her free time in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park where she revered the studies of John Muir and developed a passion for the outdoors. Danielle received her Bachelor of Science in Biology with honors at California State University Bakersfield in 2015. As an undergraduate she gained experience with endangered species monitoring, trapping, and mitigation within the oil and construction industries and also spent a month in South Africa researching Great Whites and other marine species. After college, Danielle spent a year working with multiple departments of the U.S Forest service where she recognized the importance of interdisciplinary communication in the implementation and effectiveness of environmental protection and mitigation measures. Danielle then took a position as an Environmental Specialist with an international joint-venture design-build company working on a major transportation project where she spent two years overcoming many of the environmental and political hurdles resulting from a high-profile project. An advocate for the conservation of natural resources, she is interested in the application of environmental science to real-world environmental policy and management issues and looks forward to being in the forefront on international conservation management in the near future.

Danielle graduated September 2019.