Why UC Davis?

Karin Higgins/ UC Davis © Regents of the University of California, Davis campus. All rights reserved. The intersection of West Quad and Shields Avenue on the UC Davis campus

UC Davis is nationally and internationally recognized for its depth and breadth of expertise in environmental science and has developed institutional infrastructure to reach the management, policy, and practitioner community at both local and global scales. Global environmental challenges are immense and as a result it is increasingly critical to develop sufficient knowledge in environmental policy and management throughout the various sectors in society.

Advantages of a program at UC Davis include:

  • UC Davis is consistently ranked at or near the top among U.S. institutions and worldwide in animal, plant, and environmental sciences, as well as in wildlife, fish, and conservation biology
  • Proximity to Federal and State agencies, stakeholders, and firms in Sacramento and the Bay area, as sources of environmental expertise, experience, and jobs.  This region has one of the highest concentrations of environmental employment in the country, with major State (CalEPA, Resources Agency, etc.) and Federal (EPA region IX, USBR Mid-Pacific Region, etc.) offices, as well as a host of legislative, executive branch, consulting, and capital offices of regional and local governments (e.g., Sacramento offices of Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and Kern County Water Agency, etc.), and numerous interest-group offices.
  • Proximity to a diverse range of important environmental problems in California and California’s Central Valley, such as air quality, toxic substances, water resources, water quality, and ecosystem sustainability
  • California’s reputation for leadership in environmental policy and management
  • UC Davis’s range and depth of on-campus environmental research expertise and the campus’s involvement in state, national, and regional environmental problem-solving
  • Availability of sister programs at the UC Sacramento Center and UC Washington Center Existing programs at John Muir Institute of the Environment and Policy Institute for Energy, Environment and the Economy that place students into experiential learning environments
  • Virtues of life and work in Northern California
  • UC Davis is one of the top two green colleges on the west coast and 11th nation-wide, according to the Princeton review.
  • The availability of an accelerated one-year program

What can you do with the EPM?

Every office of every local, state, and federal environmental agency requires specialists in environmental practice.  Any sizable environmentally-related non-governmental agency and consulting firm, and many industries and legislative staffs, also require such specialists.  Often these individuals are drawn from other professions, such as engineering, law, and management or from other individual disciplines.  Individuals with a broader intellectual preparation for management and policy careers would have a great advantage, particularly when combined with scientific or technical undergraduate or graduate backgrounds.

California, especially the Sacramento area, is replete with opportunities for environmental policy and practice specialists in government agencies, NGOs, and firms. The nearby Bay Area also has many such opportunities, as does the more distant southern California market and the growing southern Central Valley. 

A sampling includes: 

as well as NGOs such as:

Finally, there will also be professional opportunities in the many environmental consulting firms operating within California. A significant market for graduates in environmental policy and practice is worldwide, with many UC Davis graduates working in Washington, DC or overseas. Our environmental institutes have significantly increased their international collaborations in the past five years, enhancing demand for our graduates from outside the United States.