EPM Study Space

The EPM program has several spaces on campus available for our students to use to work or collaborate in between classes.

2135 Wickson Hall

2135 is a lab space available to EPM students. To use this space, students must enter the passcode into the lockbox to access the key. Students should make sure they return the key to the lockbox so other students can utilize the space. The passcode has been emailed to all EPM students. We ask that you do not share the passcode with anyone else.

Please see the space policies below:

  • Sign-in. Students should sign-in upon entry. This helps us keep track of the key and space usage.
  • The study space is a shared resource. Students are expected to show courtesy and mutual respect, in keeping with the UCD Principles of Community. If an issue arises that cannot be resolved, please contact EPM staff.
  • Protect your property. Please do not leave personal belongings unattended or share the lock box code outside of EPM.
  • First come first serve. The study space is open to all EPM students, so we recommend you arrive early if you need space. Feel free to indicate on the whiteboard if you plan to be here on a given day/time! If you require a private room for interviews/presentations, please contact EPM staff for an alternate reservation.
  • Keep the spacy tidy. Feel free to use the fridge/microwave, and move chairs to fit your needs. Please return all chairs to the proper desks at the end of use.
  • Entering and leaving. Please return the key to the lockbox at the end of use and turn off the lights. Be aware that Wickson Hall closes at 9pm. You should plan to lock up and be out of the building by that time.

The Barn 

The Barn, home of the Institute of the Environment, has an upstairs conference space that EPM students may use. The conference room is located on the second floor of the Barn. Please be respectful when using this space, so that we can continue using it. There are no reservations required. The building is open Monday-Friday from 8-5pm. 

Walker Hall

Walker Hall is the new center for graduate students. There are an array of meeting rooms, conference rooms, and common spaces available for reservation. Use the Reservation System to book private space. 

If you have issues with any of these spaces, please contact EPM program staff.