Teaching Assistant (TA)

Teaching Assistantships

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TA Orientation

All new TAs are required to attend the Orientation for New Teaching Assistants organized by the Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE). Details of how to register can be found at the CEE website. Orientation for New Teaching Assistants is usually only offered once per year in September. We recommend you take the orientation even if you do not have a position lined up yet.

Finding TA positions

Handshake is the campus job platform, where many departments seeking students for employment list their job openings. Over 100 internships and jobs, both on and off campus, are posted every day. Whether you're looking for a teaching or research appointment or an off-campus internship or job, Handshake can help. Incoming students receive access to Handshake approximately 2 weeks after submitting their Statement of Intent to Register.

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Environmental Policy and Management recruits for TA positions for 5 core classes each year: ENV 200A, 200B, 200C, 201 and 202. Preference goes to second-year EPM students. We do not consider incoming students for any of these positions. Recruitment for EPM TA positions happens in May of each year. Selected students will be notified in June.

Environmental Science and Policy (our department) offers TA and Reader positions each year. The application is distributed to incoming and continuing EPM students in March. The main review of applications and selection of candidates for TA positions for the following academic year takes place during April, but other appointments for positions that need to be filled are made on an ad-hoc basis as needed. Completed applications are accepted year-round.

  • Contact: Jennifer Carriere (jacarriere@ucdavis.edu)
  • Link to application here.
  • Deadline: Applications accepted year round, priority review by April 7th.
  • Classes previous EPM students have been a TA for in ESP: 
    • ESP 110 (Principles of Environmental Science), ESP 160 (The Policy Process), ESP 161 (Environmental Law), ESP 168 (Methods of Environmental Policy Evaluation),ESP 179 (Environmental Impact Assessment), ESP 191 (Workshop on Food System Sustainability)

Visit the ESP website

Partial list of other departments

Department of Plant Sciences
  • Contact: Kelly Paglia (kpaglia@ucdavis.edu)
  • Classes previous EPM students have been a TA for in PLS:
    • PLS 012 (Plants and Society)
    • BIS 2C (Introduction to Biology: Biodiversity & the Tree of Life)
    • PLS 021 (Computers in Technology)
Department of Evolution and Ecology (EVE)
  • Contact: Sherri Mann (smmann@ucdavis.edu) 
  • Deadline: Applications are accepted year round, priority review for EVE courses is March 31.
  • Classes previous EPM students have been a TA for in EVE:
    • EVE 012 (Life in the Sea), BIS 2B (Introduction to Ecology and Evolution)
  • Link to application here. Open positions are usually not listed on Handshake.

Visit the EVE website


Science and Society
  • Contact; Elvira Galvan Hack (eghack@ucdavis.edu)
  • Classes previous EPM students have been a TA for in SAS:
    • SAS 004Y (Water in Popular Culture)

Visit the SAS website


Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Contact: Debbie Smith (debsmith@ucdavis.edu) for BIS 101
  • Classes previous EPM students have been a TA for: 
    • BIS 2C (Introduction to Biology: Biodiversity & the Tree of Life)

Visit the Molecular and Cellular Biology website


Department of Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology
  • Contact: Erica Cefalo (emcefalo@ucdavis.edu)
  • WFCB collects TA applications on a rolling basis, but has a priority deadline of May 31, 2022.
  • Link to application here.

Visit the WFCB website

Department of Statistics
  • Contact: Andi Carr (stat-grad-staff@ucdavis.edu)
  • Statistics welcomes applications from graduate students in other programs, if positions are available. Positions may also be posted on Handshake.
  • To apply, email Sarah.

Visit the Statistics website

Department of Anthropology
  • Contact: Sayrar Chansomebath (schansomebath@ucdavis.edu)
  • Positions are posted on Handshake.

Visit the Anthropology website


Department of Political Science
  • Contact: Sarah Mayorga (samayorga@ucdavis.edu)
  • TA assignments are filled on a quarterly basis.
  • If there are open positions after considering their students, they are posted on Handshake.

Visit the Political Science website

Department of Communications
  • Contact: Stephanie Fallas (sfallas@ucdavis.edu)
  • Classes previous EPM students have been a TA for in CMN:
    • CMN 146 (Communications Campaigns)
    • CMN 111 (Gender and Communications)

This list is continually being updated. This list is recent as of 8/2023.