Faculty Spotlight- Jesus Barajas

My background is in transportation planning. Transportation issues are a major part of environmental problem solving: 29% of greenhouse gas emissions in the US come from the transportation sector, and over half of that from...

A Piece of the (Climate) Action

This summer I had the privilege of working on my practicum with The Nature Conservancy and two of my colleagues in the EPM program, Graham Porter and Kelsey Haydon, on a new report - Nature Based Climate Solutions: A Roadmap to

Student Spotlight- Jayna Lizama

Hafa Adai! Hello! My name is Jayna Lizama and I am a first year EPM graduate student. I completed my undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences at UC Riverside (go highlanders!) and I am incredibly grateful to continue my academic journey here at UC Davis.

An Update to our Diversity Action Statement

In June, we issued a Diversity Action Statement identifying six actionable goals for our program. Accountability is important. Here's where we what we have done to work towards those goals so far:

Staff Spotlight- David Bunn

Staff Spotlight

Dr. David Bunn

Since 2015, David Bunn served as Director of the California Department of Conservation, managing a staff of over 600 scientists and professionals to promote the judicious use and conservation of energy, land and mineral resources. Previously, he served as Deputy Director of the California Department of Fish and Game and as a natural resources policy consultant for the California State Senate and Assembly. 

EPM Diversity Action Statement

The EPM program develops policy leaders and managers of the future. Our mission is to empower agents of change. Yet, our current professional community, research, and teaching do not adequately represent diversity. Thus, we have a responsibility to recruit students from diverse backgrounds, to tackle...