Hope River: Poet Partnership to Cope with Climate Change

Last November, I was approached with a fantastic opportunity to inspire hope in Davis’s youth. Julia Levine, the poet laureate of the city of Davis, had noticed in her years as a child and family psychologist that an increasing number of young adults were struggling with the realities of climate change and failing to see a bright future for themselves.

Building Scientific Leaders for a Resilient Future

As the global future moves towards long-term ecological damage, we are starting to experience and understand the effects these damages and changes have on the way we live our everyday lives. To fight this race against time and this battle against our own lifestyles, we need leaders to guide communities in the right direction and to keep the hope and will to survive ablaze.

Alumni Spotlight- Denise Walker

I currently work as an Associate Environmental Scientist with the San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI), investigating ecology, hydrology, and geomorphology of the Delta ecosystem.

2022-2023 Student Diversity Committee

The Environmental Policy and Management Diversity Committee (EPMDC) was established in 2020 to advocate for student issues and act as a listening body for marginalized EPM students. EPMDC continues to advocate for all aspects of diversity among our students, including gender identity, sexual orientation, religious orientation, race, ethnicity, immigration status, and disabilities.

Faculty Spotlight- Ryan Meyer

I direct the Center for Community and Citizen Science at the UC Davis School of Education, with the mission of helping scientists, communities, and citizens collaborate on science to address environmental problems as a part of civic life

Research in the Delta

Thomas received a graduate student researcher (GSR) appointment from the UCD’s Metamorphic Landscapes Lab, under the direction of Brett Milligan,

EPM celebrates start of the quarter

Summertime at UC Davis is quiet and empty. Most EPM students are off working on their Practicum projects and enjoying a well-deserved break from classes. Staff and faculty are working hard to prepare for the upcoming year. The end ...

Staff Spotlight- Jessica Chalfin

Hi everyone,  you can call me Jessica, Jess, or JC! I'm originally from the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. I studied Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology here at UC Davis and I'm so glad to be back working at my alma mater!

Student Studies Bats on Kodiak Island, Alaska

In completing my Environmental Policy and Management Master’s Degree at UC Davis, I had the opportunity to participate in field research regarding little brown myotis (Myotis lucifugus) with Jesika Reimer, Associate Research Specialist in the Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology, on Kodiak Island, Alaska in July 2022.

EPM in the Wild - A Case Study Competition

In Spring of 2022, Natalie came across the Wildfire Resilience case-study Competition created by the United States Forest Service and Net Impact asking students, professionals, and researchers how we can better tackle economic and ecological sustainability in the Sierras...