Program Benchmarks

Program Benchmarks

Advance to Candidacy:

All students will file an application to Advance to Candidacy once they have (1) Completed 21 units of study (2) Their Faculty Advisor has approved drafts of the student's Professional Development Plan and Practicum Proposal. The Graduate Program Coordinator will provide instructions to the student to complete the form, typically in early April. For students completing the 12-month accelerated track, this will happen in the spring quarter. For students completing the 2-year track, this will happen after their first year. 

Download the Candidacy form here

Student Progress Assessments (SPA): 

Student Progress Assessments (SPA) is an online tool that facilitates faculty and graduate programs documenting an evaluation of a graduate student's progress in their degree program. This annual report is completed for each graduate student between April 1st and June 30th. The student will be prompted when the Student Progress Assessment becomes available. 

Comprehensive Exam:

See below.


Successful completion and evaluation of all coursework and elements of the Comprehensive Exam will result in the recommendation for graduation. There are two required forms that the Graduate Program Coordinator will provide instructions to the student to complete. After the Advance to Candidacy form has been approved by Graduate Studies, the Program Coordinator will complete the Masters Report Plan II on behalf of the student. The student is responsible to complete the Graduate Program Exit Information form on their own and return it to the Program Coordinator for submission. 

EPM Graduation Ceremony:

EPM hosts a program specific graduation ceremony each year, the day before the Graduate Studies commencement ceremony. All graduating students are welcome to participate in the ceremony, including 12-month students who will be completing their final degree requirements during summer session. All EPM students are welcome to attend the event, and graduating students are welcome to invite their friends and family to celebrate. After the ceremony, we welcome everyone to celebrate over food and refreshments.

The 2023 EPM graduation ceremony will be held on Wednesday, June 14. More event specific details will be posted closer to the date on our Events page.

Comprehensive Exam

The comprehensive exam entails fulfilling all program requirements, which include meeting the minimum GPA in required courses and satisfactory completion of four written reports:


See more detailed information about the Comprehensive Exam here.