Sophie Nazeri at Humane Society International

Environmental Policy & Management student Sophie

I am interning with the Humane Society International in the Wildlife department. Through education and advocacy, the organization helps shape public opinion and legislation to advance animal welfare and end animal cruelty around the globe. I assist the Wildlife department on their big fights against wildlife crime such as trophy hunting, illegal wildlife trade and human-wildlife conflict. Through this, I have had hands on experience reviewing CITES proposals, applying the Open Standards framework and have participated in legislative hearings in Washington D.C. 

For my practicum, I am preparing an Endangered Species Act listing proposal. I conduct research on the natural history, biology, population trends and threats faced by the species of interest. I analyze trade data and national/ international laws and regulations to demonstrate the urgency and necessity of an ESA listing. If (and when!) this proposal is approved, it will restrict U.S. trade for the species’ parts/trophies. This would relieve some pressure on its wild populations and help improve its conservation efforts. 

It is incredible to be integrated in such a powerful, proactive and committed organization that tackles so many pressing animal welfare issues. I am overjoyed to be here and to be helping advance animal welfare policies around the world!