Xiaoyun (Iris) Niu

Environmental Policy & Management student Xiaoyun
Xiaoyun is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Atmospheric Science at the University of California Davis. Her current research project seeks to gain further insights into the large-scale precipitation systems of the tropics by constructing and optimizing an idealized numerical climate model and analyzing its output. Before coming to the United States, Xiaoyun received her bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Science from Ocean University of China. Since leaving undergraduate school, she has amassed over five years’ training in advanced climate science and has developed expertise in data analysis, modeling design, and scientific writing. Since early 2018, Xiaoyun has volunteered at her local chapter of the Citizen’s Climate Lobby (CCL), an international non-profit organization that aims to collect the opinions and needs of citizens in order to propose effective solutions for climate change.
Xiaoyun has a keen interest in integrating climate change adaptation with disaster risk reduction to contribute to sustainable development. She is also dedicated to accelerating the interaction between climate science advances and climate policy formulation. Xiaoyun's career goal is to work for an intergovernmental organization or international consulting firm in order to address climate change mitigation and adaptation and bridge the gap between science, policy, and the public. Xiaoyun graduated the EPM program in June 2020. 


Xiaoyun is a part-time vlogger, she enjoys shooting and editing videos.