Amir Alemi

Environmental Policy & Management student Amir

Amir Alemi graduated from UC Davis with a bachelors degree in sociocultural anthropology and a minor in education. He is interested in pursuing a master’s degree in Environmental Science Policy and Management because he wants to be a part of the fight that takes on arguably the greatest challenge we face as a planet- the existential threat that is climate change. Amir believes that taking on climate change is something that everyone can get behind because it is a unique threat that affects everyone regardless of their background. Climate change is a global emergency requiring rapid action in order to have a habitable Earth in the future. Everywhere we look we can see the devastating effects of climate change from Arctic ice melting, to the Amazon forest burning down, to right here in California where we have been pummeled by wildfire after wildfire. It is beyond time to take decisive action while we still can!