Student Spotlight- Chi-Hai Kalita

Environmental Policy & Management student Chi-Has

Student Spotlight

Chi-Hai Kalita

Chi-Hai earned her BS in Biology and Environmental Studies from the George Washington University. After graduating, she spent two years collecting fisheries data for the National Marine Fisheries Service in Alaska which inspired her decision to pursue a degree in resource management.

What specialization are you planning to pursue? How do you feel that the specialization will help you further your career goals?

I am currently interested in pursuing Water Resource Management and Spatial Information Science. I feel like gaining an understanding of the water issues in one of the most water stressed but environmentally conscientious areas of the world will provide a great baseline for future environmental policy and management. I am also interested in gaining technical skills to develop better interpretation of scientific data and act as a stronger bridge between science and policy.

 What was the deciding factor in your decision to join the EPM program?

One of the biggest deciding factors for me was the program’s proximity to Sacramento. Attending a professional program next to a major area of leading environmental policy was very appealing to me. UC Davis is ranked amongst the top management and environmental sciences schools, and I felt that it was the perfect opportunity to be able to gain this expertise near an area that provides a wealth of professional opportunity.

 What advice would you have for prospective applicants to the EPM program?

I would advise prospective applicants to consider the opportunity that is offered in this program including the location, reputation of the school, and size of the program. The faculty and staff have been incredibly helpful and enthusiastic to each student. I think it’s been a great advantage having a personal relationship with faculty and staff members who are very willing to work with you.

So far, in your short time here, what’s been your favorite aspect of the program?

I have really enjoyed the flexibility and interdisciplinary aspect of the program. I think it’s a huge advantage to be able to take classes across a variety of disciplines and see how different subjects may apply to one another.