EPM alumni Jesse Voremberg

Alumni Feature- Jesse Voremberg

When I started working at Rincon Consultants, I was assigned to do typical intern work - organize this bibliography, plug in these numbers, set up those templates. After becoming familiarized with the firm, what environmental consulting entailed, and showing that I could be trusted to do work accurately, I was given more responsibility in the form of longer-term projects. The work became more independent over time and I was tasked with producing original work for a variety of project managers. Upon being offered a full-time position, the transition was fairly seamless, as I had been with the firm a few months already. Turning the internship into a full-time position was partially good timing - they needed more planners - and a mixture of producing quality work, being a team player (always say yes if someone asks for help!), and being straightforward about what I wanted. As soon as I knew I wanted to work full-time at the expiration of my internship I was vocal about that with my supervisor and brought it up multiple times. 

I wouldn't have been able to land this job without EPM. I was introduced to someone at Rincon through an EPM connection, and otherwise my path into environmental consulting would have been far more difficult (not to mention filled with too many job applications). Similarly, the EPM coursework gave me the ability to speak the same language as my colleagues. I came into the EPM program without any environmental science background and left being able to engage on multiple topics. 

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