EPM students showcase Policy Clinic projects

June 19, 2019
Over the last six months, three groups of EPM students have been diligently working with external partners to complete their Policy Clinic projects. At the beginning of June, each group presented their projects to UC Davis faculty, staff & students as well as their project partners. 

EPM students meet Former Governor Jerry Brown

June 04, 2019
Last night, EPM students Amanda DeMarco and Emily Zakowski attended "Wine, Wildfire & Climate Change," a lecture in a series presented by the Robert Mondavi Institute and UC Davis Library on food and wine.

Student Spotlight- Bilegt Baatar

May 28, 2019
Bilegt was born in Japan but grew up in San Francisco, CA. He earned his BS in Environmental Science and Management at UC Davis and decided to stay at UC Davis to finish his Masters. 

EPM welcomes External Advisory Committee

March 18, 2019

On March 13th, EPM welcomed the members of the External Advisory Committee (EAC) to campus to meet with program faculty, staff and students. The EAC is a group of professionals from various environmental institutions who advise the program on professional development training and new opportunities to connect to the environmental community. 

You can view bios of our External Advisory Committee here. 

Faculty Spotlight- Fran Moore

February 19, 2019
Faculty Spotlight Fran Moore Fran is an Assistant Professor in the Environmental Science and Policy department at UC Davis. She's been teaching at Davis for about three years. Fran studies climate change impacts, primarily from an economic perspective. She grew up in London, but moved to the US for college when she was 18.  You'll be teaching the Policy Clinic next quarter.

Student Spotlight- Chi-Hai Kalita

December 28, 2018
January's student spotlight features 1st year student Chi-Hai Kalita. Chi-Hai earned her BS in Biology and Environmental Studies from the George Washington University. After graduating, she spent two years collecting fisheries data for the National Marine Fisheries Service in Alaska which inspired her decision to pursue a degree in resource management.

Aston Tennefoss' Practicum Project with the Office of the Delta Watermaster

November 09, 2018

Aston Tennefoss is a graduate of the Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Management program. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington. He has worked in business and information technology consulting for nearly a decade. An avid rower, he is Board President of River City Rowing Club.

This post was written by Aston about his practicum experience.

EPM's Pumpkin Social

October 08, 2018
EPM's first social event of the year!

Amanda DeMarco and Emily Zakowski, co-presidents in charge of organizing social events for students, faculty and staff related to the EPM program organized the first event of the 2018-2019 school year. Students met at Cool Patch Pumpkins to make their way through the corn maze & pick pumpkins!

Emily Zakowski’s Experience as a Delegate at the Global Climate Action Summit

October 01, 2018
In mid-September, the Global Climate Action Summit took place in San Francisco, CA, originally home to the Ohlone people. Several speakers at the Summit and its affiliate events, including CA Senator Ben Allen, recognized and honored the land on which I, along with climate leaders from around the world, gathered for the week to discuss and make commitments to climate change solutions.

Indigenous people and other marginalized groups were not only recognized at the Summit, but their voices were amplified in the urgent call for climate action.