Be a Policy Clinic Project Client

Policy Clinic Project Solicitations for January-June 2023

EPM seeks client partners for policy analyses or natural resources management group projects.

Environmental Policy and Management (EPM) Policy Clinic student teams conduct policy analyses or natural resources related projects for client partners. A student team, usually 4-5 students, will spend five months (winter and spring quarters) working on a client project, providing substantive deliverables in June, including reports or policy briefs.  Projects may be on a wide range of topics and disciplines. The student teams are overseen by EPM faculty and report to a client project coordinator or supervisor.  

The EPM program has developed the Policy Clinic as an integral part of the curriculum, giving students experience working on a project team project to address a current policy issue or natural resources management need. This helps prepare our students to develop the essential skills to solve multifaceted, multidisciplinary environmental issues before they enter the workforce. The Policy Clinic is also an opportunity for external partners to build a working relationship with the EPM program. 

Projects ideally would:

  • Match the interest of our students 
  • Have clear applications to applied policy or management issues 
  • Be 4-5 months in duration 
  • Be a multi-disciplinary project addressing an emerging environmental or natural resources issue. 
  • Have been clearly defined and prioritized by the client.
  • Have a high-level client coordinator.

Please submit a proposal here. You will need the following information:

  • Organization name
  • Organization website
  • Client contact information 
  • Short project description
  • Anticipated activities (e.g. policy and economic research, creation of surveys, data analysis) 
  • Anticipated deliverable(s) 

For full consideration, please submit your proposal by October 15th, 2021. 


August- October Solicitations go out to external partners for project proposals.
October- November Students and Policy Clinic instructor review potential projects. Students or instructor may reach out to clarify aspects of a project with the potential client. Students will vote on the projects based on their interests. The total number of projects selected depends on the number of students enrolled for the course.
December Instructor will finalize project details in collaboration with the client. 
January Policy Clinic will begin.

Spring break.

June Final presentations.