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Canvas Guide for Students

Canvas Guide for Comprehensive Exam Submission

Download the instructions here


The comprehensive exam entails fulfilling all program requirements, which include meeting the minimum GPA in required courses and satisfactory completion of four written reports:

  1. Professional Development Plan
  2. Practicum Proposal
  3. Practicum Report
  4. Policy Clinic Report

Students will submit the the four written reports as “Assignments” through the EPM Grad Program Canvas page. The following instructions are to be used by students to submit and revise comprehensive exam components.


Notifications Setup
  1. Navigate to Canvas and open the “EPM Grad Program” course shell
  2. On the left side bar, locate Account>Notifications
  3. Use the drop down menu “Settings for…” select EPM Grad Program and change the toggle to enable notifications for EPM Grad Program
  4. Select your preferred notifications to be alerted when your advisor submits a comment
    1. ‘Grading’ and ‘Submission Comment’ should be toggled on to receive notifications
  1. Locate your Canvas dashboard and proceed to the course “EPM Grad Program.”
  2. This Canvas shell will be used to submit all components of your Comprehensive Exam.
  3. Under “Assignments” you will find links to instructions, templates, rubrics, and the ability to submit the individual components.
    1. It is highly recommended that you review the rubrics when developing your comprehensive exam documents.
  4. When you are ready to submit, select “Start Assignment” and upload a PDF copy of your work.
  5. The document(s) will be reviewed and graded by a Comprehensive Exam Committee member.
  6. The Comprehensive Exam Committee will assign a score, and request changes if the document is unsatisfactory.
  7. The student will be given 5 business days from the date of notification to make revisions and resubmit the document to Canvas. This will be the only opportunity for revision.
    1. If the student does not make changes within 5 business days, the document will be deemed unsatisfactory.
  8. If the document is found to be satisfactory, the document element is considered complete.
  9. If the document is deemed unsatisfactory a second time, the document will be sent to the rest of the Comprehensive Exam Committee for review. The entire committee must come to a decision (resolved by majority vote if necessary) if the document is satisfactory or if it is a failed element of the exam.
Submission best practices
  • Save your document as "First name, Last name name of document". Example "Jessica Chalfin Practicum Report"
  • Only submit the report, the instruction page should not be included