Core Courses

ENV 200A- Analysis of Environmental Management and Policy

4 units | Fall quarter

Introduction to the primary challenges of environmental management around the focal issues of climate change and natural ecosystems. Key concepts include: modeling natural / human systems interactions; data gathering and literacy; hypothesis testing; critical thinking; science communication; and predicting scientific outcomes of policy options.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing.

Eric Post, faculty for the Environmental Policy & Management program

Instructor: Eric Post

Syllabus: ENV200A.pdf

ENV 200B- Environmental Policy Evaluation

4 units | Winter quarter even years/ Spring quarter odd years

Method and practice, philosophical basis, and political role of policy analysis. Reviews basic concepts from economic theory; how and why environmental problems emerge in a market economy; and tools necessary for solving environmental problems.

Same course as ESP/ECL 212B.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing.

Dr. Fran Moore, Associate Professor for the Master of Science in Environmental Policy and ManagementDr. Michael Springborn, Program Chair for the Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Management

Instructors: Fran Moore; Michael Springborn 

Syllabus: ENV200B.pdf

ENV 200C- Environmental Governance

4 units | Winter quarter odd years/ Spring quarter even years

Introduction to selected theories of the policy process and applications to the field of environmental policy. Develops critical reading skills, understanding of policy theory, and an ability to apply multiple theories to the same phenomena. 

Prerequisites: Graduate Standing. POL 1, ESP 160, or ESP 161 recommended.

Environmental Policy & Management Affiliated Faculty member Mark Lubell






Instructors: Mark Lubell

Syllabus: ENV200C.pdf

ENV 201- Environmental Law

4 units | Winter quarter

ENV 201 course objectives include developing students’ ability to correctly identify, analyze, and explain legal issues presented by environmental problems. Students will develop or hone analytical and verbal communication and skills useful for any setting, including negotiation of environmental problems, stakeholder meetings, and presentations. Students gain hands-on experience with environmental legal problem-solving by briefing cases, analyzing hypothetical fact patterns, and preparing written negotiation strategy submissions that they use as a basis for verbal negotiation sessions. In the negotiation sessions, students represent a client and discuss the law and the facts with the opposing team’s representatives in an effort to craft a negotiated resolution of the problem.  As an end-of-quarter assignment students prepare a verbal or written analysis of a current environmental controversy and its likely outcome, along with a proposed negotiation strategy to resolve it.

Prerequisites: None.

Tracy Winsor, UC Davis Instructor in Environmental Law and also the Supervising Deputy for the California Attorney General’s Office

Instructor: Tracy Winsor

Syllabus: ENV201.pdf

ENV 202- Policy Development and Implementation

4 units | Fall quarter 

Environmental policy development and implementation processes: developing and enacting legislation, regulation development and review, and implementation of new laws. California state processes. Local, federal, and international policy. Business’ role in climate policy. Theory, applied study, discussion with guest experts, and practical skills such as how to write for a policy audience.

Prerequisites: None.

EPM Instructor Julianne McCall

Instructor: Julianne McCall

Syllabus: ENV202.pdf

ENV 203A- Environmental Policy Clinic

4 units | Winter quarter

Teams of students analyze an environmental policy problem from scientific, legal and economic perspectives. Hands-on learning partnering with rotating clients. Students enrolled in ENV 203A will continue to ENV 203B in the spring quarter.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing. Must be an Environmental Policy and Management student.

EPM Policy Clinic Instructor, Abre' Conner






Instructor: Abre' Conner

Syllabus: Winter, ENV203.pdf

ENV 203B- Environmental Policy Clinic

4 units | Spring quarter

A continuation of ENV 203A.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing. Must be an Environmental Policy and Management student. Must have taken ENV 203A.

EPM Policy Clinic Instructor, Abre' Conner






Instructor: Abre' Conner

Syllabus: Spring ENV203.pdf

ENV 296- Environmental Policy and Management Practicum

2-6 units | Fall, Winter, Spring, and/or Summer quarters

Practicum experience integrating coursework into an applied professional setting. May be repeated for credit. 

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor and approved Practicum Proposal. 

ENV 297- Professional Development Seminar

1 unit | Fall, Winter, Spring quarters

A weekly seminar focused on developing student's professional skills for their environmental policy and management careers. May be repeated for credit up to six units.

Instructors: Jenn Phillips (Fall), Eric Post (Winter), Jullianne Ballou and Jessica Penrose (Spring)

Prerequisites: Graduate standing.

Syllabi: ENV297Fall.pdf

A more detailed description of the Policy Clinic, Practicum and Professional Development Seminar can be found here.