Timing, Deadlines & Registration


Students should begin looking for their practicum in the winter quarter of their first year, though there is more flexibility for two-year track students in terms of timing.

The Practicum Proposal should be written once you:

  • Identify an organization to do the practicum with.
  • Have a firm understanding of what the project will be.


  • Follow the template provided on our website.
  • Write your proposal and seek feedback from your Client Supervisor before submitting to Canvas for Faculty Advisor review.
  • You should give your Faculty Advisor at least two weeks to review your proposal and provide feedback before any deadline. 


You can see more information about deadlines here.

Registration and Grading

After students have a Practicum Proposal approved by their Faculty Advisor and Client Supervisor, they may register for ENV 296 (Practicum) units. These units should be requested from the Program Coordinator every quarter you intend to register for units. ENV 296 is S/U graded.

If you exceed 180 hours for your Practicum, you may enroll in ENV 292 (Internship) units. See more information here.

Important things to note:
  • The formula for units is 1 unit= 3 hours per week over 10 weeks (30 hours total). The minimum number of units you can register in per quarter is 2. 

  • 12-month track students must complete and register for their Practicum over the summer session(s). You will either register for SSI or SSII, depending on when your project will conclude. You can see summer session tuition information here.

  • 2 year track students can complete their Practicum during the academic year or summer. 
    • You should check in with your Faculty Advisor at least once per quarter once you start your Practicum to update them on the status.
    • Students may split up their units over multiple quarters.
      • Don't frontload your units, meaning don't register in all 6 units in the Fall quarter if you won't finish your project until the Spring quarter. 
      • If you complete your Practicum over the summer, you may register for units in the subsequent academic year.
  • Your Practicum Report AND deliverable(s) are due by the end of the quarter that you finish your 180 hours.
    • The program tracks your due date using the start and end dates provided on the Practicum Proposal. 
    • If you are a 2-year track student and you finish your Practicum hours over the summer, your report and deliverable are due to us at that time, regardless of when you plan to register for units.
    • If your deliverable is not finished by the end of your 180 hours, please notify the Program Coordinator.
      • Sometimes a project is piece of a larger project and your deliverable(s) may not be done at the end of your 180 hours. Let us know!

International Students

International students on either a J1 or F1 visa have to request work authorization before they begin the Practicum and Policy Clinic. Due to campus policy, students on an F1 visa are not eligible to begin their Practicum with an off-campus organization until after the spring quarter of their first year. You may see more detailed information here.