Yasmin Afshar

Environmental Policy & Management student Yasmin

Position Title

Environmental Policy and Management


Yasmin has earned her Bachelor's, followed by a Master of Science degree in Urban Planning and Development from Iran University of Science and Technology. Later in 2015, she was one of the nominees to the Prestigious European Union merit-based fellowship which was awarded for grad studies abroad in Europe. She earned a post-graduate diploma in the field of Geo-Information Science for Urban Planning and Management at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. 

As an award-winning researcher, Yasmin also has worked in multiple non-profit international organizations such as Evergreen Canada, crowdsourcing summit, and Tirgan Festival where she was engaged with public affairs and community-building roles.

Yasmin’s inspiration is to make an impact on society through innovative solutions. Upon announcement of Sustainable Development Goals in 2015-the year she graduated in the Netherlands, she was inspired to devote the rest of her educational and career effort to Sustainable Development Goals.

She presented her innovative research orally at the fifth International Conference of Sustainable development at Columbia University in the city of New York in 2018. She decided to join to EPM program at UC Davis in the following year where she can connect the gap between research, policy, and science. She is now planning to get her specialization in Resource Economics, where she can play a role as Policy, and Sustainability Analyst for Green Economics in multinational corporations.

She has an interest in Philosophy, Sociology, and Anthropology. She has traveled to 12 countries so far and spends most of her time in watercolor painting.