Example Deliverables

Example deliverables

The practicum can look like a lot of different things, based on your interests, as well as the priorities and capacity of the partnering organization. The goal of the practicum is for you to tailor your experience to further your career objectives. Your project should have:

  1. Question(s) to answer
  2. Identifiable methodological/ analytical approach
  3. Deliverable(s)
  4. A clear policy or management component

Students usually produce more than one deliverable for their project. Examples of deliverables and/or activities:

  • White paper
  • Legislative Report
  • ESRI Storymap
  • Maps as a visual representation of project findings
  • Workshop development 
  • Database creation
  • Organizing stakeholder meetings
    • Planning content
    • Managing a meeting
  • Legislative advocacy
    • Bill tracking 
    • Communicating with legislative staff
  • Portfolio of work
    • Educational documents
    • Fact sheets
    • Policy briefs
    • Research
    • Notes from legislative hearings
    • Notes from stakeholder meetings 
    • Notes from a conference
    • Creation of agendas/ itineraries for environmental management/ policy related events
    • Blog posts or other media/ social media outreach
    • Conference presentations
    • Website design/ creation
  • Reports
    • Summary of expert or community interviews 
    • Analysis and recommendations of programs, frameworks, etc
    • Policy Analysis
      • Issues, current policies, budgets, etc.
    • Curriculum analysis

This list is not exhaustive, but meant to give you an idea of potential deliverables you can produce for your practicum. You can see examples of previous practicums here. 

Many students include pictures, charts, diagrams, and other potentially copyrighted material in their deliverables. Please see EPM's Reference Guide for more information.